The Oventus Treatment Platform

Oventus offers a unique treatment option for sufferers of snoring and mild-to-moderate sleep apnoea, combining an airway with a comfortable oral device, individually made for each patient via 3D printing technology.


The unique O2VentTM oral devices offer three key benefits


The O2VentTM custom mouthguard devices are custom made for you to provide a perfect fit. Made from a titanium core inserted into soft mouthguards, these lightweight sleep apnoea treatment devices weigh only 35 grams (1.23 oz). The streamlined design has enabled an airway to be built into the device whilst not obstructing the tongue.


The lightweight device has no mask or complicated machines attached, so it is easy to take with you as you travel, and store during the day when not in use.

Oventus Airway Technology

Each O2VentTM device has an airway incorporated into it about the size of a healthy human nostril. Air enters the mouth and is delivered to the back of the throat, so you can breathe through the device while maintaining an oral seal, to avoid a dry mouth or sore throat.

If you’ve identified that you suffer from problem snoring or obstructive sleep apnoea, Oventus may have a solution to suit you. There are a number of treatment options. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the most common.

Oral devices are not generally accepted as the first-line treatment for sleep apnoea but may be suitable treatment for some patients, those intolerant to CPAP and those with, and without, nasal obstructions. That’s why diagnosis and monitoring by a suitably qualified healthcare professional is required.

Many patients cannot tolerate CPAP and either seek alternatives, or simply stop treatment.*

*Oventus devices may offer a suitable treatment to those who cannot tolerate Continuous Positive Airway Treatment (CPAP) therapy. Oral devices are not generally accepted as the first line treatment for sleep apnoea. Diagnosis and monitoring by a suitably qualified healthcare professional is required.

Treatment Process

Oventus devices are delivered by dentists trained in Dental Sleep Medicine. Treatment is often prescribed by your Sleep Physician based on the results of your diagnostic sleep study and your suitability for treatment.

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    Find the right dentist or medical professional

    If you have a diagnosis for mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnoea then click here to locate and contact an Oventus Accredited Dentist near you to discuss a custom mouthguard.

    Oventus Airway Technology may be particularly helpful to patients with nasal obstruction or who breathe through their mouth during sleep. If you think you may have sleep apnoea or would like to change your current sleep disorder treatment, please seek medical advice from your physician or sleep disorder specialist.

    If you aren’t sure if you have sleep apnoea talk to your doctor or GP. Register your interest and an Oventus customer care team member will contact you to guide you through the process.

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    Consider a Diagnostic Sleep Study and find the solution for you

    If you have not had a sleep study in the last five years, or if your health and physical condition have significantly changed, you will need to have a diagnostic sleep study. At your initial appointment with an Oventus-trained dentist, please discuss having a diagnostic sleep study done – they can be completed at home. Ask your sleep physician or GP for a sleep study referral.

    When you have your sleep study, or arrange for your sleep study at home, talk to your sleep physician about your Oventus Dentist appointment and the benefits of using an oral device with airway technology.

    Customising your treatment

    During your initial appointment, our Oventus-trained dentist will take impressions of your top and bottom teeth and a bite registration. These records are sent to Oventus to manufacture your custom mouthguard.

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    Oventus technology customises your O2VentTM device

    Your dental records are converted into the electronic files used to print your sleep apnoea treatment device, using 3D scanning and computer aided design (CAD) software. Your O2VentTM device is then 3D printed from titanium. Custom-made plastic inserts are created to perfectly fit your teeth, making the device comfortable to wear and easy to fit.

    Fitting Your Oventus Device

    Your Oventus dentist will contact you when your O2VentTM device is ready for delivery and will fit your custom mouthguard for you. They will work with you to make sure your treatment is optimised, explain any potential side effects of your sleep apnoea treatment and how to manage them. Make sure to follow the instructions for use, cleaning and care of your device. Your dentist or sleep physician, or both, will manage your ongoing sleep disorder treatment and make sure that you are getting the results you need. This may involve a follow-up sleep study to check the device is effective for your condition.

    Click here to learn more about the Oventus device range or click here to see how it works

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Keep in touch to keep sleeping soundly

We encourage that you stay in touch with your Oventus dentist to make sure your treatment remains effective and your device is working well for you. If you have questions, feel free to contact us any time or search for answers on our FAQ page.