Seven News feature: Oventus’ O2Vent therapy and the benefits of telehealth for sleep apnea patients

Seven New Australia ran a piece on Oventus (Friday evening, 27 May) as part of their news bulletin.

The segment covered the benefits of our breakthrough O2Vent therapy for sufferers of sleep apnea and highlighted how telehealth is changing the treatment landscape, making it accessible to all patients, regardless of location.

Our founder, Dr. Chris Hart, was interviewed on the telehealth process and two patients who have benefitted from our telehealth service shared how they found both the process and O2Vent therapy extraordinary.

Brian, a veteran O2Vent patient, discussed his experience using Oventus products to treat his sleep apnea. He said, “it’s really enabled me to be able to breathe without snoring and get the right amount of oxygen into my lungs so I have a restful night.”

A new patient, Shalini, was also shown briefly talking to Dr Hart during her telehealth device fitting appointment, at the beginning of her journey to better sleep and better health.

If interested in O2Vent therapy for you or a loved one, click here to schedule a consultation.

To watch the news story click below.

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