Q&A with Breathing Assist clinician Corbin Barry

Breathing Assist has opened its doors in Sydney this month. We talk to clinician Corbin Barry about the O2Vent:

What is your role at Breathing Assist?

I?m a qualified dental practitioner providing the O2Vent to patients suffering with sleep apnoea and/or snoring.

What attracted you to this position?

I am interested in the holistic approach to dentistry and with sleep being an extremely important aspect to overall health, I felt that assisting those with sleep apnoea and/or snoring would allow me to make a noticeable difference to an individual?s overall health.

 As a clinician what is your opinion of the O2Vent?

Fantastic technology incorporated into a device that helps to treat patients with snoring and associated sleep disorders and a great option for those patients that are intolerant to CPAP or looking for an alternative treatment.

What happens at a patient’s first consultation?

When a patient comes to see me we discuss their individual medical history. We also discuss if the patient has had a diagnostic sleep study, how the device works and what their expectation is.  If the patient is happy to proceed we then take dental impressions moulds of their teeth and a recording of their bite.

Each patient is different and may require more appointments to ensure we have found the correct jaw position that?s comfortable for them and achieving an optimal result.

We do recommend that patients have X-rays taken and also have a comprehensive examination to ensure their teeth are in good condition before they have their device inserted.

How can a patient best prepare before coming to see you?

By speaking to their sleep physician or GP ensuring they have had a diagnostic sleep study within the past two years, armed with some questions to make the most of their consultation.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy exploring all Sydney has to offer from great food to arts and music. I also enjoy quality times with friends and family and staying fit and healthy through exercise.

*To celebrate the opening of their new clinic, all patients will receive 20% off their O2Vent device for any bookings made through Breathing Assist’s Sydney clinic throughout June 2016.


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