Oventus?s flagship device rebranded

To herald the launch of a brand new sleep device which will be added later this year to the Oventus family, we have changed the name of the Oventus Clearway Device to the O2Vent Mono.

The O2Vent Mono will continue to be manufactured to the same high quality, only with a new name.

This change will be reflected on the device packaging, labelling and promotional materials.

The announcement comes as the company prepares to launch the new O2Vent titratable device ? the O2Vent T – later this year.

A more refined version of the O2Vent Mono, the O2Vent T (pictured) will allow patients to change their own jaw position, with supervision from their clinician. The improved design is smaller and allows more lateral movement of the jaw for increased comfort and effectiveness.

Common to both devices is Oventus?s signature front breathing vent that creates a separate airway or ?second nose? for air to get to the back of the throat, bypassing tongue, nasal and soft palate obstructions.

Although the O2Vent T will have broader appeal, the O2Vent Mono will continue to be produced on request.

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