Oventus announces the launch of the new O2Vent T

Oventus is proud to announce the launch a new model of the O2Vent Mono ? the O2Vent T.

Just like its predecessor, this a custom-made comfortable oral device which is designed for snorers and people with sleep disordered breathing.

The new titratable version (pictured) incorporates a small adjustment key which allows for forward or backward adjustment of the lower jaw to optimise treatment.

The O2Vent T stabilises jaw position and brings the tongue forward to reduce airway collapse. In addition, the unique airway allows for breathing through the device to bypass obstruction in the nose which can contribute to snoring and sleep apnoea.

The device directs airflow through to the back of the throat and bypasses nasal and soft palate obstructions and prevents tongue obstruction.

The improved design makes it especially suitable for patients who experience nasal congestion and who may find CPAP and other oral appliances difficult to use.

Oventus?s latest clinical study1 showed the O2Vent Mono device was successful in treating obstructive sleep apnoea and that snoring was eliminated in 82 per cent of patients and significantly reduced in 100 per cent of the patients.

The O2Vent Mono and the O2Vent T are both entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 230890 and ARTG 275667) and the O2Vent Mono has $510k clearance (K160234) in the USA.

1Oventus Clinical Trial Report. Data on file.

10 Responses to “Oventus announces the launch of the new O2Vent T”
    • Phillipa Thorn

      Thank you for your query Caroline and apologies for the delayed response. We have an approved Oventus clinician in Adelaide. Rebates for the treatment are available through your private health insurance. You would need to contact your health insurer to find out what the rebate would be as it can vary between funds. As a first step we encourage you to call us on 1300 533 159 to discuss your needs and we can transfer you to a clinician near you to make an appointment.

  1. Fred Wilson dentist

    How is it possible to advance mandible with 02vent t .From the video it appears to be one block unit not like other mand adv devices that can be adjusted
    thanks Fred

    • Phillipa Thorn

      Hi Fred, thank you for your query. The O2Vent T is an adjustable device. This can be done by an accredited Oventus clinician or the patient at home under instruction of their clinician. At the front of the device is an adjustment screw in which an adjustment key fits – this allows the mandible to be advanced further forward and backward to help optimize treatment for the patient. If you would like to send us your email address we can email you a PDF brochure that shows how the device works. Thank you.

    • Phillipa Thorn

      Thanks for your email Lyndall and apologies for the delayed response. The clinical trial is available to people who live in the Brisbane area only I’m afraid. For patients outside of Brisbane, we are pleased to advise that the O2Vent device is commercially available at Oventus accredited clinics throughout Australia. We do have clinicians available in Adelaide that you could make a no-obligation appointment with to discuss your suitability for the device. If this is of interest to you, please call us on 1300 533 159 and we can discuss your sleep diagnosis further and transfer you to an Adelaide clinician to make an appointment. Thank you

    • Phillipa Thorn

      Hi Michael, thank you for your email query. One of our customer service team members Ruth will give you a call to provide more information about the O2Vent T device. We have an accredited dentist based in Parramatta which may not be too far from you. Ruth can provide details of other dentists in surrounding areas also. Kind regards, Phillipa.

    • Phillipa Thorn

      Hi Amanda, thanks for your query and apologies for the delayed response. Oventus is currently introducing the O2Vent into the USA via a controlled market release, with 5 sites in the US already operating. You can call toll free on 866-963-6856 to check the nearest site to you, or visit the US website oventusmedical.com to register your interest and have someone contact you. Thank you.

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