How is the Oventus Clearway Device different from other oral devices on the market?

An estimated one million people in Australia have sleep apnoea.

Globally the number is estimated to be about 100 million but only 10 per cent are treated. This number is expected to grow substantially with increased obesity and the ageing population. Four per cent of men and two per cent of women are affected by sleep apnoea. Most are undiagnosed. Up to 50 per cent of adults who suffer from sleep apnoea suffer from nasal obstruction.

Most oral devices used to treat sleep apnoea move the bottom jaw forward. This also pushes the tongue forward which opens the airway behind the tongue and stops it from falling backwards. The tongue is a common obstruction causing sleep apnoea.

The Oventus Clearway DeviceTM does this but has several additional unique features that make it a more comfortable device bypassing nasal, soft palate and tongue obstructions:

  1. Airway
    It has an airway about the size of a healthy nostril incorporated into it. This airway traverses between the teeth and the cheeks. The air enters the airway from outside the mouth and delivers it to the back of the throat behind where obstructions usually occur. About 60 per cent of people with sleep apnoea have nasal obstruction
  2. Small and streamlined
    The Oventus Clearway DeviceTM is manufactured from medical grade titanium so the walls of the device are only 0.3mm thick. This allows us to build an airway into a more streamlined device that is less than 5mm thick as it passes between the teeth ? it?s about the size of a standard mouthguard. It?s also only one piece ? no moving parts.
  3. Lightweight
    The uniquely-designed mouthguard weighs only 10- 15 grams so is lightweight in your mouth.
  4. Comfort
    The Oventus Clearway DeviceTM is lined with a soft medical grade dual laminated acrylic liner to maximise patient comfort. There is also no bulk on the tongue side of the device so it doesn?t reduce the space for your tongue. It actually increases the amount of room for your tongue.


29 Responses to “How is the Oventus Clearway Device different from other oral devices on the market?”
  1. Geoffrey Hodson

    I am 70 years old and i reckon I am lucky to sleep more than 4hrs a night, I do have sleep apnoea, so if this devise works I would be more than interested, I am still working. Geoff Hodson

    • Caroline Thurlow

      Hi Geoff, Thank you for your comment. the Oventus Clearway Device may be helpful for you. Please call us on 1300 533 159 during business hours for a free 15 minute consultation to discussion your individual needs. Or complete our form online. We look forward to helping you.

  2. Ann Kenyon

    Does it make a person gag?
    How would it prevent “dry mouth” syndrome?
    Does it work if a person has the usual weak throat muscles that make the ?epiglottis and soft palette sag, preventing or restricting intake AND expiration?
    Does it hold the mouth shut like an oral appliance does?
    Do the teeth touch the Oventus device or does it go between them?
    Is this device horribly expensive?

  3. Peter Wells

    I am a heavy snorer that has tried other mouthguards etc. with minimal [according to wife] results [so much so that I sleep in the spare bedroom to help us both get some sleep].
    I am overweight and in my late 60’s. I have not been diagnosed with sleep apnoea, but then again have not pursued this with my MD. Do I fit into the area of people who could be helped.
    I noticed that the time frame for getting the mouthguard is reasonably long. We are going overseas towards the end of October [leaving on the 26th] is there any way of expediting delivery to fit that time frame if I joined the program ASAP

    • Caroline Thurlow

      Hi Peter, Thank you for your message. It is very likely the Oventus Clearway Device will be able to help you and we may be able to organise one before you go overseas on 26 October.

      You will need to speak with the clinical team to start the process ASAP.


    I too have sleep apnea and use a RESMED. S9 CPAP machine but very uncomfortable to use.
    I have a Pensioners concession card.
    Will I be able to get some relief on the cost through Medicare.?
    Kind regards

  5. Hi
    I would be interested to see the answers to the questions made by Ann Kenyon.
    Does this device work if a person has the usual weak throat muscles that make the ?epiglottis and soft palette sag, preventing or restricting intake AND expiration?

    • Caroline Thurlow

      Hi Ronnie, Thanks for your comment. I have posted detailed answers to Ann’s questions. Please check them out. Here’s your answer though.

      Does it work if a person has the usual weak throat muscles that make the epiglottis and soft palette sag, preventing or restricting intake AND expiration?
      The device bypasses the nose, soft palate and tongue so these areas are not an issue in terms of intake or expiration. If you suffer from lateral collapse of the pharyngeal areas it will help to prevent collapse by allowing air to enter that region unobstructed and with good flow however it does not pump air into these areas and in these cases where lateral collapse is severe CPAP would be a better option. However if you cannot tolerate CPAP than this is the next best option.

  6. Hi. Very interested in your product for my husband. We live in Northern NSW and my husband is away a lot as a truck driver with very unpredictable timetables. I am not sure he would be able to keep sleep studies apt. Are they absolutely necessary? Also would our local dentist be able to do the impressions?

    • Caroline Thurlow

      Hi Gail, thank you for your comment. The sleep study is a home sleep study, so your husband should be fine with it. We need to do the sleep study to calculate his AHI levels. I have passed on your email to our clinical team who will be in touch with you to discuss the best way to assess and fit your husband with a device. If you would like to discuss it sooner, please call on 1300 533 159. We’ve been very busy since the story on A Current Affair.

  7. Gloria Callery

    HI, my son has an undiagnosed sleep condition – he moans in his sleep. This condition is very disturbing for him and the rest of the family as its loud enough to keep everyone awake! Do you think that this devise could help?

    • Caroline Thurlow

      Hi Gloria, thanks for your message. The Oventus Clearway Device may be able to help, but we would recommend that your son see a sleep physician and be formally tested and diagnosed to determine the best course of treatment for him.

  8. Ann Brown

    My husband has been to a sleep clinic and been diagnosed with sleep apnea, he was told to buy a cpap machine but didn’t like it when we hired one as he sleeps on his side. Will the mouth guard still work if he sleeps on his side and not his back? I saw this on a cuurent affair and seems a better alternative.

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