Dr Chris Hart interview with Morgans Financial Services and strategic response to COVID-19

Oventus CEO and founder, Dr Chris Hart was recently interviewed by Morgans financial analyst, Scott Power. 

The interview covers Chris Hart’s visit to Australia from the U.S. for an investor roadshow (5-12 March), to discuss the roll-out of the O2Vent® ‘lab in lab’ model across North America.

Since the roadshow took place, the global environment has changed rapidly due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Oventus’ latest update on the ‘lab in lab’ rollout and the company’s strategic response to COVID-19 is in our latest ASX Announcement, dated Wednesday, March 18. To read, CLICK HERE

In the Morgans interview, Dr Hart also discusses:

  • The recent U.S. Medicare reimbursement approval for the O2Vent Optima
  • How the recent Aeroflow agreement gives Oventus access to national network of both Durable Medical Equipment suppliers and sleep labs
  • The recent Board changes, including the appointment of specialist healthcare investor, Jake Nunn as Non-Executive Director

To listen to the Morgans podcast, click below.

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