CEO Masterclass: Peter Switzer interviews Oventus Medical’s Dr Chris Hart

Oventus CEO and founder, Dr Chris Hart was recently interviewed by Peter Switzer of Switzer Financial Group, in a CEO Masterclass. 

The interview covers the development of the Oventus Lab in Lab model and commercialisation in the key North American market, as well as Oventus’ recent agreement with VGM & Associates.

In the interview, Dr Hart also discusses:

  • The significant market opportunity for Oventus, with the market for CPAP and oral appliances valued at US$4bn, and an additional US$2.3-$2.4bn opportunity due to the fact that 3 million sleep apnea patients in the US are not in therapy;
  • How the oral appliance market is forecast to grow at twice the rate of the CPAP segment of the market; and
  • How the VGM & Associates agreement will deliver significant growth to Oventus in CY2021.

To watch the interview, click below.

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