CEO, Dr Chris Hart’s presentation to Hidden Gems investor webinar – video recording

Oventus CEO and founder, Dr Chris Hart presented on 18 September, as part of a Micro/Small Cap “Hidden Gems” webinar hosted by ShareCafe.

During the presentation, Dr Hart covers:

  • An overview of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • The significant market opportunity in treating OSA patients who are underserved by existing therapies
  • The O2Vent treatment alternative to CPAP and clinical success rates
  • The Lab in Lab model and telehealth implementation
  • A summary of Oventus Medical’s recent progress and operational activity during COVID-19
  • Oventus’ FY20 highlights
  • The company’s strategic focus for FY2021

To watch the presentation, click play below.

Any investor queries can be directed to Jane Lowe via or +61 411 117 774.

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