A personal message from Oventus

I am personally writing to you to thank you for being one of the thousands of people that have supported Oventus as we launched our Oventus Clearway Device. The team at Oventus and I have been extremely humbled by the response from the public. Unfortunately we have been unable to show our appreciation for your support by getting back to you in a timely manner. For this reason I am also writing to personally apologise for the delay in responding to your enquiry and explain our situation in the hope you may understand and continue to be patient as we build out our clinical team so we can deliver the level of service you expect and deserve from us. As you know, the Oventus Clearway Device is a very new invention and until now, Oventus has been a very small business.

We successfully completed our own clinical trials in July 2015 with amazing results. These are currently being ratified by a third party. The September story on A Current Affair has now overwhelmed us with patient enquiries.   Although we are thrilled at the results and the interest generated from recent media coverage, we know our slow response time has not been adequate. We also know how frustrating it is to be waiting for something that you really want which could make such a difference to your quality of life. Although we were not prepared for the size of the response I would like to reaffirm to you that your health and well-being is at the centre of our business and the reason we developed this ground breaking clinical solution.

What are we doing to increase capacity and reduce waiting times?
To respond to the demand, we are working hard to scale up our operations and are investing heavily in resourcing. To provide a quality device on mass takes a team of skilled staff and systems and technology that works. But training staff and implementing and perfecting systems takes time – time that unfortunately we haven’t had. To handle enquiries, our amazing small team has been working around the clock to juggle patients, technology, train new contact centre staff and new Clearway Clinicians. To meet existing orders, we are also moving manufacturing premises and training new production staff. Each device is individually 3D printed in titanium and the plastic moulds are hand-made to fit your teeth.

What can you do now? 

1) Complete the sleep questionnaire – Of course, if you haven’t completed the 10-15 minute questionnaire about your medical background, please do so. This will make the process of getting an appointment quicker. Here’s the link (https://www.cvent.com/Surveys/Questions/IDConfirm.aspx?s=b2685254-7d94-46a6-a96f-dfd79e7fdc11)

2) Keep trying – If you are ready to purchase an Oventus Clearway Device, please keep trying to get through to our Live Chat, phone 1300 533 159 or email reception@oventus.com.au, or wait and we will get back to you.

3) Try our Clearway Clinicians direct – Last week, we released the details of our trained Clearway Clinicians on our website– https://investors.o2vent.com/clearway-clinicians/. You can book directly with them. If we have not listed a Clearway Clinician near you, more clinicians will be added very soon. We will let you know by email when new Clinicians have been added.

4) Find more information – If you still have questions and would like to find out more information, you may like to check out our frequently asked questions and videos on our website.

Once again, I am sorry about the delay. We greatly value the trust and interest you have shown our small company and ask that you continue to believe in Oventus as we work to achieve our full clinical and business potential. I am confident that the wait will be worth it and the Oventus Clearway Device will improve your sleep. Our team looks forward to helping you to better sleep, better health and a better life with the Oventus Clearway Device.

Kind regards

Neil Anderson, Chief Executive Officer

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